Playgrounds Surf Camp Nicaragua Surfing

Playgrounds Lefts

Playgrounds left draws many comparisons to the right at Lower Trestles, only with warm water, small crowd and an occasional tube. The lefts are long and rip-able with big shoulders and a speedy inside section. Best on south swells, this wave is great for all skill levels.

Playgrounds Rights

This right at Playgrounds is a steeper hollower peeling wave with barrels and high performance sections. The right is shorter and shallower than the left and is always less crowded so move on down the line a couple hundred yards and give it try. Best on south west swells.

Mata Nino

Mata nino is one of the three secret beach breaks in our area.  This multi peak right and left beach break is an A frame tube and breaks close to shore over a shallow sand bar formed by soft sand flowing out of the nearby river mouth. This wave is best on a south swell.


The second of our three secret beach breaks. This wave is located right out front of our surf camp. A fickel wave but when it breaks it is one of the finest waves in the area. Multi peaks with rights and lefts very shallow and breaks right off the shoreline.


Chococente is another multi peak beach break we can access by boat or on the buggy. This is one of the best beach breaks in the area. Very ripable with barreling rights and lefts. Only open part of the year as this is a large nesting area for a variety of sea turtles. Best on SW swells.

Lances Lefts

Long playful left point break with good protection from winds from the massive cliffs on shore. This wave needs low tide and a big swell to shine. When its on, it can get crowded due to close proximity to the village of Astillero.

Mata Palo

Mata Palo is the third of our three secret beach breaks. It gets pretty heavy when its big. It’s always a bit bigger here and can be a good option when Playgrounds is too small. Another desolate beach we access by boat or buggy where you will surf with just you and your buddies.

Random Waves

We also have quiet a few really fun random waves in the area all depending on the swell direction, size, and rain we have received to create sandbars.